My story

I was never particularly sporty or into health and fitness when I was younger. In fact one of my favourite things to do was eat :D I had a very family orientated up-bringing and big meals and social occasions were a huge part of growing up. 

I played rugby to a relatively high standard and also enjoyed playing computer games and reading fantasy and Sci-fi books.

I was never particularly worried about my weight, sure I was shy around girls and blamed my size for this but I accepted my lot and got on with it!

My interest in nutrition and wanting to lose weight started whilst studying chemistry. Playing university rugby at the time I wanted to get bigger, get stronger and lose body fat. During my degree I soon realised that the food we eat has impact far beyond our physical appearance and I decided to turn what soon became an obsession into my career.

I went on to study Dietetics at the University of Surrey and graduated  with a first class degree in 2015.

It's not always been easy, managing my own relationship with food. Being a nutrition professional there is an expectation that I should have no problems with my diet.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Poor body image, low self esteem and using food to curb my emotions are all things that I have struggled with over the years.

I like to think that this makes me a better therapist, I don't just know about the struggles you go through, I have experienced them first hand.

I have worked as part of a specialist diabetes service offering guidance to people with type 2 diabetes and now I run Positive Body Coaching delivering private nutrition counselling and training. My ethos at Positive Body Coaching is, as the name implies all about having a positive impact, on ourselves, our families and our environment.

I don't employ shame tactics or recommend unsustainable diets and my training programs are based on wholesome movement patterns and promoting longevity.

As well as being a Registered Dietitian I am also a level 3 qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have completed further training with Precision Nutrition and the Advanced Coaching Academy to make sure that I am the best coach and mentor I can be.

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