Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Have you ever looked at professional gymnasts in awe and wonder?

What about the tricksters in the parks who seem to flip and move with such ease?

Have you dreamt about how cool it would be to be able to do these things yourself?

Have these dreams been shortly followed by "I could never do that", "I'm too fat/big", "I don't have the flexibility, I'm too tight".

I'm here to tell you that these thoughts are WRONG! You absolutely can do these things and are doing yourself a dis-service if you don't. 

The Body Mastery program is a hybrid weights and calisthenics training program designed to build strength, develop fluid movement and get you into your best shape ever.

My training career started out on the rugby pitch and in the weights room and this is arguably where I feel most comfortable but by pushing my boundaries and not being afraid of trying something new I am now able to achieve so much more with my body than I thought possible, all whilst weighing in at nearly 100Kg.

I move fluidly

I stay injury free

I have new skills

I feel stronger

This can all be yours too.

Drawing on my experience coaching gymnastics and competing in Strongman

I can help you develop your physical prowess with intelligent programming. 


Body mastery can be adapted to be delivered in person, in small groups or online.

If you have a couple of friends who are interested in training alongside you then small group training is a cost effective way of you all receiving the amazing benefits of Gymnastic Strength training, offering up to a 65% saving on an individual session.

                                  One to One               2 people               4 people      

Single session                   £50                         £80                         £100

5 Sessions                         £225                       £300                       £400

10 Sessions                       £400                       £500                       £700

The in person model will see you training at the FORMA gymnastics gym in Gloucester where you will have access to some of the best training equipment around.

Virtual training: £75/month

If you are happy training by yourself are or maybe you are unable to come to Gloucester but would still like guidance then virtual training is for you.

Benefit from regular feedback and exercise planning from an experienced coach who can keep you on track and  progressing towards your goals.

Hybrid training: £135/month

This package combines the benefits of in person training with the flexibility of virtual training. A 1 to 1 session each month will allow me to track and asses your progress whilst the performance programming will give you the tools to go away and train by yourself.

Alongside this you will get nutrition support and a body composition scan from Well Measured which can track changes in muscle and body fat %.


What is included?

1 in person session

Performance programming

1 body composition scan

Nutrition support from a registered dietitian

 A 25% saving on buying each component separately

Get in touch below to arrange a free telephone consultation and find out more!

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