Gain mastery, motivation and mindful awareness to conquer your eating habits


Is food a negative aspect of your life?

Have you tried diet after diet with no long term success?

Feel trapped by poor self image and alone with your struggles?

Do you feel like you have failed at being the person you want to be?

This is an all too familiar scenario and It doesn't have to be this way....

How would it feel to be able to love yourself fully, lumpy bumpy bits and all? What if you could identify compulsive thoughts around food and choose not to act on them? Imagine a version of yourself that can enjoy food, be free of cravings and lives a healthy balanced life.

Nourishing freedom is a comprehensive, holistic program designed to help you live the life you want and deserve. A negative relationship with food and body image is crippling, I've been there. Wanting to grow and move forward but stuck with the same old thought patterns that kept dragging me back. 

My identity and sense of self worth were so tied up with my size and how I looked that every failed attempt to lose weight or get that six pack look sent me further into a negative spiral. I didn't want to socialise, my self-belief was shot and I drew further into my shell. Dieting and obsessing over my diet and weight were not helping me, I had to try something else.

Learning and applying compassionate thoughts and behaviours helped to reset my mindset. Understanding the psychology of goal setting and happiness gave me the tools to move forward. Mindfulness and meditation helped me find peace with myself. It took me years of trial and error to get to where I am now and I want to share my findings with you so that you don't have to go through the same process.  

At Nourishing Freedom we believe there are 4 pillars to continued success.

Between them Jeni and Ian have over 10 years experience helping people overcome dieting  and body image issues. With backgrounds in Kinesiology, dietetics and exercise instructing they are uniquely positioned to provide a holistic approach to tackling weight concerns.

Everyone has a story which has brought them to where they are and Ian and Jeni recognise the importance of  understanding this, working with individuals where they are. This is why they are offering this program which includes: 


  • 2 weekly group chats: Peer support via video helps you grow & offer guidance to others in a similar situation.


  • 3 weekly lessons sent straight to your inbox in written and audio files to keep you moving forward.


  • At home blood test to check for any nutritional imbalances


  • Comprehensive selection of  DoTerra daily supplements for the first month (vegan options available)


  • Comprehensive selection of DoTerra Essential Oils and information about using them safely and effectively


  • Workbook to take you through the duration of the program


  • Recorded guided meditation


  • Personal food diary assessment

We have chosen to use Doterra as they are the world's premier producer of therapeutic grade essential oils which can help you manage stress, energy and wellness.


All of the support and guidance you receive with NOURISHING FREEDOM would cost over £1000 if you were to buy it all individually:

Supplements £100

Essential Oils £100

Blood test £150

Guided meditations £10

12 hours contact time £600

12 week Workbook and program £100


Nourishing freedom costs just £600 for all of the above and more.


You won't find a more effective program at this price anywhere.


Spaces are limited to just 5 per intake so enquire now to start your life of empowerment and positive growth

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