Kane Rigglesford - Muay Thai fighter

"I've gotta say a massive thanks to my nutrition coach Ian Thomas for helping me make weight.

He really has gone out of his way keeping tabs on me everyday the last week or so making sure I hit my target weight and has played such a big role in preparing me for this fight.

I really can't recommend him enough and I will be continuing to work with him throughout my fight career"

Kane is a Muay Thai fighter who wanted some guidance making weight for an upcoming fight. His usual fight weight is 68Kg but for this fight he needed to get to 63Kg. This gave us 6 weeks for him to lose around 9Kg.

Kane was brilliant at being honest with me and checking in regularly which allowed us to tweak his nutrition on the fly and keeping his energy levels up which meant he subsequently went on to win his fight.

Ruth Armes - Life coach

"I feel very grateful for having worked with you and I really have developed a new relationship with food; I don’t feel like I’m in a battle with it all the time any more.


I have continued to eat very healthily and I have very slowly lost a little bit of weight and am now 11 stone – which I think is about half a stone down from my heaviest. I still have problems with fatigue but I do have a lot less pain.

I have been at a stable weight for well over a year now and no longer have any idea that eating something will make me feel better...getting free from the addiction cycle really does feel good!


I started working with Ruth to help her lose weight whilst managing her fibromyalgia. We did a lot of work looking at her beliefs around food and her relationship with food and over time Ruth was able to establish new beliefs and behaviours. This allowed her, for the first time, to lose weight. keep it off and more importantly to be able to manage her fatigue more effectively.


My experience with the online trainer academy, a review

Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made.

When I decided to join Jon Goodman’s Online Trainer Academy (OTA), it felt like an off the cuff decision. Having gone through the course, I now recognise how the decision had been made several months before enrolment opened; Jon had positioned his course in such a way that it was the only option for me.

That’s the sort of power the OTA gives you as an online trainer. The power to position yourself in a crowded market so that people feel compelled to choose your services.

Let me clarify, if you are looking to increase your reach as a trainer, if you are looking to develop more freedom and flexibility in your business, if you are looking for a better quality of life then online training is the next step for you.

I knew that Online Coaching was something I wanted to offer, but to be honest, I felt pretty clueless. I was second guessing myself and felt I didn’t have the time or structure to develop a solid business plan. The OTA takes you through every step of conceptualising and initiating your business. Some of the lessons are exquisitely simple when you read them but tricky to execute without the appropriate guidance.

At no point did I feel overwhelmed or that the OTA was taking over my life, in fact the workload was challenging and invigorating, forcing me to address questions about my business and my mindset which I would have struggled to do on my own.

Like a good suit the information in the OTA is timeless, it is not subject to market trends or new algorithms and you will find yourself coming back to it time and time again.

Even if you just have a passing interest in how Online Coaching could benefit you then I recommend you check out the OTA homepage below, at the very least you will have access to some of the most useful articles and advice around.



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